What’s Colturi all about? We focus on mid-layers.

Most brands concentrate on jackets and outer layer, but the real innovation and technicality is needed underneath, at the core of your outfit, where breathability and comfort is a must. Here is where we pour all our expertise and innovation.


Fleece layers

The foundation of your mountain wardrobe: versatile and breathable pieces, ideal for layering under any jacket or for the super active pursuits.


Hybrid Layers

These take things up a notch, combining cozy fleece with insulated panels strategically placed to provide extra warmth and protection precisely where you need it.


Insulated Layers

Here it’s all about maximizing warmth without the bulk. Thanks to our advanced natural or synthetic insulations, these pieces are perfect for slipping under heavy-duty jackets or shells.



No stylish outfit is complete without a matching bottom. In our pants we bring advanced fabrics for superior comfort and above all, unrivaled fit.

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