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Valeria Colturi: athlete and designer from Bormio

I'm Valeria Colturi, an athlete and designer hailing from the picturesque town of Bormio in the heart of the Italian Alps. Bormio is renowned as a ski resort and plays host to a stage of the Alpine Ski World Cup every year.

Growing up in this stunning setting, my heart was divided between two great passions: designing clothing and engaging in mountain sports. Right from the start, I aimed high in both pursuits.

During my high school years, I achieved a significant milestone by clinching the Junior Italian Cross-Country Skiing Championships. However, I grew frustrated with the many limitations of the clothing available to athletes, especially us girls!

The fabrics were cold and rigid, the fit left much to be desired, and there was a glaring lack of tailored technical solutions.

Driven by necessity, I took matters into my own hands. I began crafting pieces of clothing that addressed these issues. I modified existing suits and repurposed stretchy materials to create garments that better suited our needs.
After high school, I faced the challenging world of women's sports. Back then, there were no professional teams for women in cross-country skiing, and my family couldn't afford to fund my training. However, my focus was already shifting.

My early experiences in sportswear design had ignited a spark within me.
I decided to fuse my passion and knowledge of sports with my love for fashion, with the goal of creating sportswear that combined performance, a perfect fit, and style.

From the first workshop to Crazy Mountainwear

At the age of 20, I opened my first workshop-boutique in the historic centre of Bormio. Some of my initial clients included elite athletes from various winter sports, including legends like Alberto Tomba and Deborah Compagnoni. They approached me to modify their outfits and share their ideas for new and innovative products.

Word spread quickly among sportspeople: I found myself continuously experimenting with new ideas alongside the top athletes of the time. I was living the dream. In those years the very first ski mountaineering competitions emerged, a new sport that blended endurance with adrenaline and exploration. It was love at first sight. These unique competitions required innovative technical solutions for clothing and equipment - quite simply, there weren't any back then.

In 1989 I designed the one-piece suit for ski mountaineering, the first of its kind in the world. That invention put me on the map: I started outfitting skimo teams all over Europe. A success beyond my wildest dreams!
I soon created a whole line products that needed a name. I settled on 'Crazy', the first sportswear brand dedicated to ski mountaineering.

As the sport grew all over Europe in the following decade, Crazy grew with it.
It soon evolved into a full-service mountainwear brand catering to athletes and enthusiasts alike, as I realized that the same solutions that were sought-after by athletes could trickle down, get adapted and enhance the products used every day in the mountains.
Thanks to this focus on innovation, I have been lucky enough to bring a series of "small revolutions" to the market, like the first full-stretch mountain trousers in 1993, the first trail running outfit in 1995, opr more recently, the world's lightest insulated jacket in 2020.

A Mountain Fashion Atelier

Through all this, I never abandoned the route of 'fashion': this deep-rooted and relentless urge has always distinguished my collections from anything else in the technical mountainwear space, especially my women lines!

My product department stands as the only mountain clothing atelier: in addition to technical innovation, what I want as a designer it is to bring to the market a modern and forward-looking style that does not normally belong to technical clothing.

Through an everlasting fashion research, the collaboration with international artists, the use of printed designs, the choice and combination of unconventional colours and a very sophisticated work on the aesthetics of the clothing fit, I combined the best technical performance with the rich italian heritage in fashion that influenced me all my life.

In 2023 my products are distributed in more than 500 shops and 15 Crazy flagship stores in the best locations of the Alps. These figures make me think back to my childhood dreams, when I couldn't even imagine all of this.

And yet the dreams have not stopped: dreams of creating ever better clothing, unique and special. So today a new, thrilling chapter begins.

Colturi | Perfomance Mountainwear from Italy. For Women.

I'm going back to my roots, to what I first set out to do as a young girl wearing performance apparel designed by men for men.

Today, I proudly introduce Colturi, the very first women-only performance mountainwear company. As they say… By Women, For Women.

It may sound as a cliche, but it's actually not.
There's a profound knowledge that comes with experiencing what I create on my own skin. Having lived and trained in the mountains all my life, I know how my body reacts in every situation, so I look for the best solutions to bring benefit to our body under stress.

Us girls have a unique relationship with what we wear..

..We are attracted by lines and shapes that recall our body and belong to us.
..We look for and are empowered by feminine colors that give us strenght and energy.
..We are more susceptible to the cold and wind, we just feel it a bit more!

After all we are the perceptive kind!
In this book I present you the very first Colturi collection. The line that expresses my philosophy more than anything else I created: the state-of-the-art technical performance in women's mountainwear + italian fit, styling and fashion colors.

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