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Founded and designed by Valeria Colturi in the Italian Alps

My story begins with days spent on Cross-Country ski trails and nights in my room as a girl, between rolls of fabric: in 1985 I became cross-country skiing Junior Italian champion, but I have always been in love with fashion.

Out of rebellion from the terribile mountain apparel available back in the day, I started combining my two passions: in 1989 I created my first brand “Crazy Mountainwear”, setting out to create the most innovative mountain clothing - gear that looks as good as it performs.

Today, 30 years later, my products are sold in over 500 stores all around the Alps

With Colturi, I'm starting a new exciting chapter, fulfilling a long-held dream of mine: launching a Women-only mountainwear brand that carries my name.

As an athlete, I soon realised at my own expense how most mountain brands create women products by merely adapting their men line, and we’re just an afterthought!

At Colturi, we strive to combine the bleeding edge of technical performance with an Italian fashion style to create the best mountain apparel… With girls needs in mind!

Colturi Collection


Fleece layers

The foundation of your mountain wardrobe: versatile and breathable pieces, ideal for layering under any jacket or for the super active pursuits.

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Hybrid Layers

These take things up a notch, combining cozy fleece with insulated panels strategically placed to provide extra warmth and protection precisely where you need it.

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Insulated Layers

Here it’s all about maximizing warmth without the bulk. Thanks to our advanced natural or synthetic insulations, these pieces are perfect for slipping under heavy-duty jackets or shells.

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No stylish outfit is complete without a matching bottom. In our pants we bring advanced fabrics for superior comfort and above all, unrivaled fit.

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Colturi Key

Innovative Fabrics

At Colturi, our journey begins with fabrics. We understand that the right material is a game-changer.

Feminine Fit

We don't need to choose between looking cute or staying warm. Colturi's shapes and cuts enhance our silhouette and comfort at the same time.

Superior Body Mapping

We understand that women have a heightened sensitivity to temperature changes. It's not just a feeling – it's backed by science (although I reckon since we have more neurons we just remember it more after the fact).

Italian fashion

Colturi doesn't stop at performance; we infuse fashion into the technical clothing world. By an everlasting research into fashion trends, we introduce models, shapes, and designs that break free from the traditional mold.

Printed Designs

Colturi's work on prints is unique! All of our designs and patterns are created by me or are the result of my close collaboration with some international artists.

Fall / Winter 2024/25

Discover our very first Colturi collection, available online and in the best stores around the US starting from October 2024.

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